Cheers to the unpredictable life

I don’t really believe in destiny. I am a planner – a big time planner, who would love to foresee and plan every minute of my future (because I enjoy it), but I have still accepted that I can’t. That’s why I believe in coincidences. I wasn’t meant to go to Australia and spend a certain amount of my young years on the other side of the World. A coincidence brought me here. And a lack of planning.

When I was in my late teens I was getting so sick of living a life where the next many years could be predicted because I was tied down by the education system. All my childhood it was the same routine. Start a new school year in August, Christmas meant half way through and then the year finishes in June and you can finally enjoy a few months of freedom before it starts all over again. I needed change for sure. I think most people do, after spending a minimum of 12 years of studying, whether they can see it or not.
I still liked planning – but I stopped doing it because I realised I needed some time off from that life, where time passes by while you are waiting to finish something  somebody else has planned for you to do.

So when I graduated at 20 years old – that feeling of freedom is almost indescribable. It was scary, amazing and confusing at the same time. Confusing because suddenly nobody was expecting me to come to school everyday and that meant I had to figure out on my own what I wanted to do. But finally I had the freedom to go out and find that out!
I have been living the “no plans” life for a few years now and I can honestly say that I have learned so much more about life itself than after spending 14 years in school. I still plan a lot because that is part of my personality, but I have accepted that the greater plan for my life will unfold itself by coincidences. By that I mean, that I have given up on trying to foresee where I will be in 2 years, 5 years, 10 years. It is a waste of time trying to plan the future, when life itself is so unpredictable. I spontanously decided to go to Australia for 8 months when I was sitting somehwere in Thailand back in 2014. That decision took me 1 day to make. Now 1,5 years later I am still here in Australia! I never would have foreseen that a few years ago and that is part of what makes life so amazing.

They taught us from when we were little kids that we needed to have our lives sorted out for when we grow up. Knowing what we wanted to do as a career and what degree to take. But I have spent the last few years learning to accept that my life is not planned, secured or sorted out the least. And I don’t want it to be 🙂

10 Reasons why the Scandinavian look is not THAT great

So, my look is basically the essence of what everyone connects with the Scandinavians look. That’s me okay? Tall, blond hair, blue/greenish eyes, real viking blood. RAWH! All that. And before you might think that I’m a narcissistic bitch who wants praise for this look even more than it already has been, let me just tell you: I won’t. The cold, scandinavian look is not the best in the world, however sophisticated it may look.

Which brings me to my 10 reasons why the Scandinavian look is not that great (all based on bitter self experience):

  1. 10 minutes in the demanding Spring sun and you got yourself a nice pink sunburn. Actually, 7 minutes does the trick most times.
  2. Because Scandinavians in general are rather tall, everytime we go travelling to exotic places around the world local people look at us as weird pale giants. Very often they want pictures too so they can tell everybody in the village about that albino yeti they just saw. Pic’s or it didn’t happen!
  3. Since we are from the cold north, we get so affected by the darkness and the grey weather that we tend to only wear dark, dull colors. Other people think we are being sophisticated, really we’re just not that creative so we dress like our surroundings.
  4. Next one is also about sunburns. Do you have any idea how painful it is to have the sun burn through your blond (basically see-through) hair? You will have to leave your hairbrush for a week or two, that’s for sure. Where is that invention of hairspray with sunprotection? I need it!
  5. Blond eyelashes. The reasons why Scandinavian women always wear mascara, since the eyes are basically not visible without it.
  6. The natural pale skin is another characteristic with the Scandinavian look. Some call it healthy. I think with all the black clothes we wear we are pushing it to become a whole race of polished goths.
  7. Since we are so fond of dark one colored appearances our outfits are rarely that interesting or suprising.
  8. We do not really look good in any colors of the sun. Dammit!
  9. Our hair changes after the season. From lovely blond highlights in the summer to mousy grey in the winter. Well, who doesn’t like change.
  10. Being taller than most women (and half the male population too) makes it less appealing to put on feminine high heels. Ever. #feelingbig

Since last time

So. It’s been two months with no blogging. Or actually two months since I first even created this blog. How did that happen, you may ask (and I ask myself too). I basically wrote 1 post, started writing a few I didn’t finish and that was it.
Well, I don’t know how that happened. I promised myself if I was going to start writing again, it would only be when I felt inspired. When I had something in me I needed to see in writing. When I needed my thoughts out of my head. I cannot force myself. Not again. Can you imagine what kind of bullshit comes out of you if you force the creativity? Not great. Not at all. I agree you should always challenge yourself, but if there is nothing interesting to tell, well then shut up 🙂
I used to force myself to write everyday compromising quality over quantity. And that is not the way to be succesful with anything in life, is it?

But today I suddenly had a thought. And once I have a thought (does not happen that often, haha), I need to do myself the favor and write it down so I can chase it when I have the time! I felt inspired for the first time in ages, and that feeling is beyond wonderful. Hopefully this dry patch is coming to an end. I used to think I had so much on my mind to share, and that is the feeling I want back!

Still not forcing it though… So stay tuned.